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Xbox Finally Adds Refunding – PlayStation Lags Behind

Rejoice my friends, as the time has come, members of Xbox Live can now refund their game purchases ! …After 15 years.

Now while this feature may seem like a first for most, little does the community know that Xbox already had a refund program in place for quite some time now.¬†Unfortunately it was quite limiting due to the fact that you were only allowed ONE refund every twelve months, additionally they never really seemed to have had made light of this option throughout it’s existence. So with that being said this is a major improvement on Xbox’s behalf as they continue to improve the brand.

Now let’s get into the details. In order to return your digital purchase you must not exceed these two limitations set in place, those being that you have not played the game for more than 2 and hours nor have you owned the game for more than 14 days. DLC and Season Passes NOT REFUNDABLE.¬†

Steam also shares a refund policy just like Xbox with the 2 hour, 14 day policy. Though there were several instances where users could return the colossal fuck up that was “No Man’s Sky” after playing more than 2 hours. And on that note, now with refunding available on another one of the top gaming platforms, could this pressure developers to not released half-assed games knowing that Xbox Live can now add self serviced refunds ?


Final notes, in light of Xbox’s self refund service, members of the Playstation subreddit are looking to hopefully pressure Sony and Playstation to implement a similar service as well. In the era of digital sales surpassing physical copies and developers trying to make an easy buck, digital refunding is the way to go. Heres to hoping Playstation jumps on board as well.

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