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Damsel Review ( PC Indie Prerelease )

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I played a unique little game named Damsel. Basically in a nutshell, the game is about a vampire girl who goes around killing other vampires to protect the human race from evil. The premise is simple enough and I enjoyed the platforming. However,that is not to say that the game does not have it’s share of problems.

The Good

The game itself has a very unique art style which I do quite like.  And the music fits the tone well. However the music eventually will get old as I have not noticed a change between the levels or the menu screen. Also the platforming is alright compared to other indie titles in which I have played. The game also features a wide variety of levels and neat backdrops. From what i’ve played of the demo the game looks very promising and I hope for it’s success upon release.

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The Not So Good

Time limit

First off, the main thing that drew me off was the time limit. On timed missions the game Forces you to keep moving constantly. Which in itself is alright. However, this game does that rather poorly. Running around constantly caused me to make a ton of mistakes that ended each in my one hit death. The ridiculously small time limit also limits play style to always rushing in guns blazing often hitting a hostage and forcing you to restart the level. A solution to this would be to simply raise the time limit to something more reasonable. Especially on earlier timed levels in the game.

Quick Time Event Overuse

Personally I think QTEs have no place in gaming anymore. They were an interesting experiment in the early days of gaming when literally no one really knew what the people wanted from their gaming experience. QTEs here are no exception. The hacking mini game I found was very repetitive and difficult even at the very early stages of the game. Also can someone please explain why a badass vampire needs an extremely difficult QTE to cut the rope off of a hostage?

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The controls themselves were not horrible, they actually functioned alright. However, sometimes it felt a little clunky, which in my opinion strongly detracts from a good platforming experience.

Personally, I see a lot of potential for the game and I would also be interested in possibly backing the project if some of these key issues are resolved. The game really isn’t a bad experience now, but fixing these things would make for a more engaging and user friendly video game. If you are interested in crowdfunding or checking the game out for yourself links are provided below:

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