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Brash Games- Why Ethic’s Go Far In This Industry

If you trawl through Review’s of games often you may have come across a site known as They are deemed a moderately trustworthy site with a decent follower base and a reception large enough to receive reviewer codes from numerous developers. (Both Triple A And Indie). You’d imagine that to get to such a stage you’d have a decently good understanding of how the industry works and the etiquette surrounding your treatment of staff. However, surprise surprise. They don’t.

Quoted from Jim Sterling ( :

“It doesn’t pay its writers, it revokes author credits when people leave, and its owner has over a decade of duplicitous, shady shit to answer for. “

The issues begin when the writers were offered exposure rather than monetary payment. That itself isn’t the problem as numerous media outlets offer that as an incentive for writers more often for inexperienced writers by offering them a platform to gain experience and recognition on. However a writer for Brash Games by the name of “Olly Smith” has called out the site.

Before we get to that. Here’s a Quick Summary list of Brash’s Nefarious Deeds:

-Brash Doesn’t Pay Its Writers.

-Brash Removes Authors From their posts once they have resigned from the site.

-Brash Doesn’t Edit or Review its Posts or Communicate With Its Staff.

-Brash Changes Review Scores Of Its Reviewers To Match Up With Industry “Standardised Scores”

-Brash’s Owner Paul Ryan Has a Long History of Unprofessional Behaviour.

After his official resignation, his name was stripped from the reviews and pieces that he himself had written essentially destroying the promised idea of exposure and ruining the portfolio he had built up on the site. All of his author’s credit had been removed and credited with the website or Paul Ryan Himself instead. Olly Smith, sent himself off just before his resignation with a hilarious review archived safely away from removal by Brash.

You can find it here

“A good example of a garbled mess is Brash Games; this very website that strips authors of their writing credits when they leave the site, later attributing them to the sole owner and editor, Paul Ryan, making your work completely pointless” -Pac-Man 256 Review By Olly Smith

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