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Hidden Xbox One Feature Clears Up Hardrive Space

Thanks to a post from both Redditor and Imgur user /u/SSG-Jayman/Jayman16,  today he shed some light on a nifty feature that may help clear up some of your heinous hardrive dilemma. A feature that from the looks of it many people didn’t know about. As for the rest of the comment section if you didn’t know about this already, “you’re late you punk bitch” …Nobody actually said that.  Anyway here’s how to do it.

Head to Setting>System>Storage>Manage leftover add-ons

Here you’ll find of bunch of add-on content for games that you’ve deleted. In my case it was 20GB worth of Hardline add-ons.

Ew, Hardline.

Also be weary, according to one of the comments from /u/RagedOutlaws: WARNING: Also removes any saved clips/screenshots saved to your Xbox that isn’t saved on the cloud.

If you didn’t know about this already then I hope you cleared up some hardrive space. On the other hand if you didn’t find any extra space, then for some of you it might be time to buy an external hardrive. Sorry buddy, but the time has come. If you wanna keep all your games then you’ll have to make the jump, I know it’s hard but that’s the way of the future… and it’s scary.

But here’s a fucking killer external hardrive dude

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