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Overwatch’s Next Hero “Doomfist” Confirmed?

As fan’s of the game will know, Doomfist has always been a legendary character within the lore of Overwatch. And perhaps due to a recent video released by Old Spice Dude Terry Crews shows him further linking his ties to the character, as when Crews says that he’ll be at the Electronic Gaming Expo, or E3, with a “major surprise.” Just after saying so he laughs and comments “ya’ll know what it is.”

Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan also hinted that Crews would be “great for many things” at the BAFTA Awards further feeding the hype of many.

Along with this in a recent Facebook live stream held by Terry Himself you can see him showing off his old-spice custom PC while running overwatch leading to but more evidence that we may soon see Doomfist among the many heroes on offer to play in Blizzards team based shooter “Overwatch”

If the hype is worth believing, all eyes should be towards the blizzard booth at E3 and also keep a watchful eye open for further leaks/information.

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