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Overwatch’s Uprising Event: Was it as Eventful as we wanted?

Don’t get me wrong, the skins are beautiful. My personal favourites without a doubt are the Blackwatch team skins. The PvE Game mode is a laugh a few times around but honestly, i am really quite impressed with this event.

With its obvious call back to Junkensteins Revenge, the Halloween PvE game mode. You can see the lacklustre additions in terms of content that blizzard has offered along with some of the calendar holidays this seemed the perfect approach and the fresh shake up of a well-received community game mode.

Don’t get me started on the joy you will get from hearing the exchanges between the strike team if you’re a lore junkie, you can tell that the team has clearly thought back and reviewed every part of this and has truly crafted something both enjoyable but also lore-friendly and as such allows players new and old to begin to flesh out the origins of this organisation and the events and missions that took place in its prime and its fall.

“The event is going to be something – when players see the event and play the event, I think they’ll see that we’ve been listening to their feedback,” -Jeff Kaplan On Uprising Playable Event

Jeff and the team, in my opinion, have well and truly exceeded expectations and have laid solid groundwork for potential PvE engagements in the future.

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