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The Duke O’ Death Comes To GTA Online and FREE Money

Rockstar is a smart company. They’ll create content, keep it in the campaign, wait quite possibly the longest time possible, then release it online likes it’s something new. AND THEN THEY’LL CHARGE YOU !

BUT, that’s not the case here today. Actually except for the last part, it’s all true…

If the Insurgent and Karuma had a baby, this would be it. The perfect middle ground between the two.

Beginning today, the mayhem machine Duke O’ Death and a range of items previously exclusive to returning players are now available for all players in GTA Online – I’ve provided images of all the vehicles down below if you’ve forgotten what they look like.

  • Marshall Monster Truck
  • Dodo Seaplane
  • Kraken Submarine
  • Imponte Dukes Car
  • Declasse Stallion Car
  • Blista Compact Car
  • Hatchet

Returning players who previously purchased these items will be reimbursed for the purchases, simply log in and your reimbursement will be delivered to your Maze Bank account within the next week. – [AKA free money for a lot of you.]

And with all your free money why not spend it on some of the discounted items below ? Unless you already own all of this stuff, then to that I’d recommending saving up for the next update. Rumors have been floating around the community – as well, some community members have looked into the games coding to find a wealth of new content, expected to drop sometime soon for what appears to a military themed update. Stay tuned to A Bad Password, as we’ll be sure to cover that once more information is available.

And if you forgot what some of these items looked like, don’t worry, I got you. Effort sucks, so why not let someone else do it ?!

Marshall Monster Truck
The Dodo Seaplane – The only GTA V water/air vehicle – you can also have 4 friends hang on the outside, which also means you can fling them off with a simple barrel roll. This and the dukes I personally recommend trying out.


The Kraken Submarine
The Declasse Stallion
The Blista-Compact. A personal favorite amongst GTA playing soccer moms.
And the hatchet, cause we really needed another melee weapon.

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