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GTA V Announces Most Stupid Update Yet

“April Fools was 20 days ago Rockstar”

If anyone played GTA long enough to remember the unmatchable pain and simultaneous disappointment that was the hipster update, this is like right under that. Furthermore, looking at the video’s comments and dislike ratio, Rockstar is getting some flak for this announcement. In all fairness, it has been a quite a few months since we’ve received the last GTA: Online update so the anger is somewhat justified, luckily this isn’t a full fledged update, so something more suited for everyone’s usual tastes in regards to DLC may still be on the horizon. On the bright side, I suppose if you’re a fan of GTA I and II, then this one’s for you. So get your hot wheels ready, cause this update drops April 25th.

If you’re looking for slightly better GTA news, then check this article out.


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