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Destiny’s Age Of Triumph: Was It As Triumphant As We Hoped?

Destiny Released The Age of Triumph on March 28th to the delight of much of the Destiny Community.

Yes, People Still Do Play This 3 Years Later.

A Quick Run Down Of What Was Released;

  • Wraith Of The Machine Remastered At 390 Light.
  • Vault Of Glass Remastered At 390 Light.
  • Crota’s End Remastered At 390 Light.
  • Kings Fall Remastered At 390 Light.
  • A Whole Wealth of ‘Content’.
  • A Several Hour Long Quest.
  • 16 More Exotic Primaries With Burns.
  • Plenty Of Microtransaction Offerings as per ūüėČ

Overall, the content injection has been welcomed and all things considered that slapping a fresh coat of paint on old content and giving it away for free. As such it becomes more value for money than one of the old expansions and ultimately offering one of the best nostalgia trips and moments available in most games.

But You Cant Push Templar or Atheon Off The Edge still…

This update is without a doubt the breath of life this game and more so its community needed and desired but without the glitches and mishaps that made most of this content great just doesn’t do the nostalgia idea justice for me as there are tributes to the loot cave in the book offered for free. But no reference to Crota¬†team wiping you in the shard room or Atheon¬†falling off the edge. I appreciate that these aren’t Bungie’s proudest moments but a tribute to the most damaging but none of the harmless funnier glitches?

This Iteration of the series hasn’t gone out with a whimper,¬†but nor a bang. Perhaps a knocking on a wall with a bit of force?

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