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Why Mod Support Is a Must Have for Modern Titles

What makes games like Mount and Blade, Elder Scrolls, and Minecraft so successful? One of my many theories to this is a is a strong community aspect. The community of a game should be of a primary concern for any developer who wants their game to have a long shelf life. Not only that, community support tends to attract many more consumers, who simply want a custom game experience perfectly tailored to fit their needs.


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Example of  a “High Quality” community mod

Games like Minecraft and Mount and Blade allow modders the perfect playground to share their style and creativity to the world. These lessons in success should tell the games industry wake the hell up and start adding better mod functionality.

Anyway, with the rise of mods on consoles, the situation does appear to be on the mend. Hopefully in the near future we we’ll see more mod support for our favorite games.

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