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FMV Classic Night Trap Getting 25th Anniversary Release

Night Trap Promo
(Screaming Villains)

The campy full motion video classic Night Trap will soon be released by Limited Run Games on PS4 and Xbox One (although only PS4 boxes have been advertised). Screaming Villains has partnered with Limited Run Games and announced the new release on their Twitter page as well as in a new promo trailer.

Night Trap is a game where you are tasked with controlling a home surveillance system rigged with traps to catch invading vampiric monsters and protect a group of girls having a sleepover. The game was one of the first to use full motion video sequences and although its mature content may have contributed to the formation of the ESRB, the visuals are incredibly tame by today’s standards.

For a twenty-five year old game developed in the late 80’s, it definitely captures the campy horror of the era and taps into the current cult-classic revival trends. The free downloadable theme song is deliciously smooth and dripping with dance pop vibes, while an upcoming limited edition 7″ single is sure to transport fans to the height of FMV popularity.

While you’re waiting to play it yourself, watch the hilarious Game Grumps playthrough. Because Night Trap is an FMV game, it’s like watching an episode of MST3K (also born in the late 80’s and recently revived), except that the “B” movie is playable.

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