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New Halo Wars 2 DLC Released

The second Halo Wars 2 DLC has recently released, so let’s open this can of worms.

All Units! The UNSC faces a formidable new foe in its battle against The Banished with the arrival of the Hunter pair known as Colony! The first additional Banished leader to join the Halo Wars 2 fray features brand new units and abilities offering new strategies, tactics and gameplay across all multiplayer modes. Colony is available right now as part of the Halo Wars 2 season pass (or via a la carte purchase for $5.99) for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Strange and inscrutable, the Hunter pair who identifies as “Colony” is believed to be either a representative for Lekgolo allied to the Banished or a specialized command form of the alien eel-worms.  Colony defers only to Atriox and is charged with directing all Banished Lekgolo activities on the Ark, including creation and expansion of Lekgolo clusters for use in vehicles and other specialized applications. Though it cooperates with the Banished, Colony appears to have its own plans for the Ark. Most of its attention is currently focused on the activities near the resting place of the Forerunner keyships; missions undertaken outside the knowledge of other Banished leaders.

When called upon to direct Banished military operations, Colony’s strategy is to control the battlefield with large numbers of Lekgolo-driven constructs that it can heal and augment, buying time with Engineer Swarm and Living Barriers until it can call in reinforcements with Colony Drop and Devastating Host. It can also temporarily enhance friendly vehicles by infiltrating them with gestalts, using Vehicle Symbiotes. But time is the main ally of Colony, as its Combat Repair passive ability slowly heals all friendly units and structures.


The Colony add-on also includes two brand new Achievements for Halo Wars 2:

  • Hunter/Hunted – User Hunter Captain’s Taunt ability 50 times
  • Turrets Everywhere – Attach 50 Skitterers to squads

Now to prevent this article from being too long, I’ve only added the more important info. With that in mind I highly suggest checking out the link below for the full scoop as there’s still a lot not mentioned here like info on each of the new units. If you’re a fan of pictures (who isn’t?) Halo lore or maybe you just need the patch notes, then make sure to check it out.  FULL POST  Now where were we?

More Halo?



Get Colony now for Xbox One or Windows 10 and expand your Halo Wars 2 arsenal and battlefield capabilities.

As a reminder – If you missed Kinsano, last month’s new leader, you can read more about the UNSC’s fierce and fiery Hellbringer commander RIGHT HERE.




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