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Destiny 2 Already Screwing Over Xbox and PC Players

For any Destiny players on Xbox I’m sure you’re quite aware about the wealth of content that PlayStation 4 holds over Xbox One in terms of exclusivity. While timed console exclusives aren’t an uncommon thing these days, Bungie sure does them differently. Also, for you PC players looking to pick up Destiny 2, I’d read on as you’re gonna be hopping into the same boat buddy.

One of the main problems with Destiny’s exclusive content is that unlike other titles where the content may only be available a month or so earlier than other platforms, Destiny holds them over Xbox for several months or years even.

For example, Destiny’s “The Taken King” expansion launched on September 15th 2015. With the launch of this DLC, just like the 3 prior and vanilla game, had timed exclusive content including the likes of weapons, maps, missions, strikes, armor, and I’m sure there’s some more. With Destiny being released September 9th 2014, most, if not all prior exclusive items had been added to Xbox at that point. But with The Taken King, the original plan was to release these items to Xbox One players a full year later. Here’s the problem though, a year later come 2016 Xbox never received the content.  Never even publicly announced by Sony, Activision, or Bungie in an attempt to slide it under the flared nostrils of the Xbox bois; the PS4 exclusive content was held back for another year.

What does this mean? It means that people who payed full price for a slashed off portion of content will get the items they payed for two years after they’ve spent money on it. And in that time another Destiny DLC released on September 20th of 2016 and Destiny 2 will release September 8th, 2017. So, a large portion of people won’t even play what they’ve paid for as they’ve either moved onto the next game, forgotten, or it is no longer worth their time.

Reddit user Mrtever said this on the matter: “I think the main problem with exclusive DLC is that as an Xbox gamer, I am paying the same amount as PlayStation player, but for less content. I don’t necessarily care about exclusivity, just make the Xbox DLC cost less and I’ll be ok.”

Now, while not surprising we’re already seeing signs of this happening again for Destiny 2. Looking back at the PlayStation version of Destiny 2’s “Rally The Troops” trailer we see at the end “Get exclusive Destiny 2 content on PS4” followed by some fine print stating “Time exclusive content until at least Fall 2018.”

Now fast forward to even more recently to the Bungie news bulletin. In the article they mention some details for their public Destiny 2 reveal live stream on May 20th and said this:  “You might have noticed that we’re inviting some special guests from the media and our community to be part of a live audience for this premiere. They’ll be among the first players to get some hands-on time with Destiny 2 immediately after the conclusion of the livestream. The PS4 and PC versions of the game will be on display, so you should expect another wave of news, coverage, and content to dig into after the event is over.”

While of course this is only for a press event, the setup here seems all to familiar. Reddit user Shado_Man had this to say about the information.

“Bungie is just getting Xbox users ready for 3 more years of being treated as second-class citizens.”


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