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Darksiders III: Do The Gaming Gods Actually Listen?

Sweet baby Jesus I must be dreaming because it’s actually happening. Darksiders III is actually coming out, for real, in this world, during our lifetimes. This may be further proof that the ever elusive Gods of Gaming actually listen to our continued agonized prayers. This is the perfect time for me to start praying for a Metal Gear Solid HD remake that would make the Twin Snakes do a double take. Now, for those of you unaware why this is a big deal allow me to explain.

In 2012, after finding difficulty consistently making ends meet, THQ declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and pretty much called it quits. Most of their staff members were laid off and their assets were liquidated. Although the THQ Trademark was later acquired by Nordic Games the idea of another Darksiders game seemed far-fetched; the thought was put away in the video game limbo filing cabinet only thought about in gamers most private, vulnerable moments.


But lo and behold the Gaming Gods taketh and giveth again! Leaked images of the forthcoming Darksiders game prompted the company to release a full reveal trailer and I am all aboard this hype train. Just think: if Darksiders can be brought back from the brink what other games can get their time to shine? Here are some of the ones I’ll specifically be praying at the shrine for.


Half-Life 3 (duh), Star Wars 1313, PT (I don’t even like scary games), Fable Legends and those are just to name a few. In the past two years, games I never thought would come out have in the form of The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV.  With E3 around the corner, I’d advise we keep praying to our shrines of old consoles and empty energy drinks and hope that some more great news like this is on the way with more games to be revealed.



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