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Overwatch Rip Off “Paladins” Comes To Console – And It’s Free

Yeah, I said it. And let’s be honest everyone knows it’s a rip off. Also don’t worry, you won’t need to pay a dime for this game cause it’s free, and why is that? Because they’re not gonna make you buy Overwatch twice…

Game Description: Enter a fantasy world of ancient technology in Paladins, a team-based shooter with strategy elements and deep character customization. Through a unique collectible card system, players can amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities to play exactly how they want to play.

Additional details include the game becoming an Xbox One esport with a tournament already being in the works, more details.  No details on PlayStation though.

“Paladins is now 100% free for everyone to download and play on Xbox One! [PS4 to] With the open beta starting today, you can download Paladins from the Xbox Store and enter the Realm right now. Don’t worry about the “beta” tag — Paladins will be free to play forever and you won’t lose any progress once we launch later this year.”


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