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Review: Prey Opening Hour “Dishono(u)red and Deus Ex’s Love-Child”

“An ‘Opening Hour’ That I Completed With 30 Mins To Spare”

“Prey” is a first-person action-adventure made by developers  ‘Arkane Studios’; Creators of Dishonoured/Dishonored (2) For You Yanks and published by Bethesda Softworks For Xbox, PC And the Playstation 4.

From what i gathered at least, It’s got some serious survival horror elements with an inventory management system seemingly ripped straight from Human Revolution and the quirky hand drew characters and environments of dishono(u)red. From the initial content offered within the demo, you can clearly see that this is definitely one to watch on release as I’m curious on how this story progresses past the intro sequence. Anyway, it’s time for some pros and cons.

Pros According To Me:

  • Visuals Are Beautiful with an astounding Hand Drawn attention to detail.
  • Music Is Typical For a Bethesda Game. However the sound cues are almost perfect in execution turning this “Fps Adventure” into “Holy Fuck, Where’d that come from?”
  • Gameplay (Standard Difficulty) Is Tough But Rewarding with continuous entertainment
  • The Story Breeds Distrusts between  its audience and the characters involved (Play it and you’ll get what i mean)

Cons According To Me:

  • Mmmmmmmooooooootttttttiiiiiiiiioooooonnnnnnn Bbbbbbbblllllllluuuuuurrrrrrrr….. This game assumes that the character continuously has an eyelash stuck in there eye and they can’t quite cry it out.
  • Resource Management turns everyone into a hoarder.

TLDR: Promising Game, Dishonored, Deus Ex, All that good stuff, Beware the Blur Etc.04-05-2017_16-19-04.png

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