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There’s a Video Game Hall of Fame?!

Actually? Like for real? This is a thing? I mean as far as things go, the idea of a Video Game Hall of Fame makes sense. The amount of games and consoles that have come out since this form of entertainment became mainstream is abundant but, damn how long has this been going on? I feel like this should get much more attention.

Th636295047518872356-video-game-hall-fame-050417is years Hall of Fame class consists of: Street Fighter II, Pokemon Red and Green (not blue? curious), Donkey Kong and Halo: Combat Evolved. Outside of Pokemon Green, I’ve personally played each of these games in some regard and I’m sure the same can apply to most of you. You would think with these decently mainstream titles getting recognized, this would be front page news but… crickets.

So, with all that in mind, I’m here to help! To make the Hall of Fame get more attention we need to take a page out of the oh so successful Geoff Keighley run game awards of old. We’ll need a red carpet where we ogle at what our programmers and wrigiphyters are wearing. We also need a celebrity host that has a passing fascination with video games (think Neil Patrick Harris is available?). Let’s have live laser light show music performances that could put a sugar rushing child to sleep and maybe some pyrotechnics too. To top all that off, we should give the game director of any game inducted a Tetris theme jacket like at the Master’s or the NFL Hall of Fame. Make the whole ceremony too big to fail!

All jokes aside, as a man who loves Video Games its saddening that this doesn’t get much attention which, is a overarching theme for Video Games as a whole. With companies like Spike, ESPN and TBS showing competitions and tournaments on television, we’re making strides in the right direction. But overwhelmingly the perception of video games being played by overweight, momma’s boys living in their parents basement (no offense to those that describes) needs to come to end. And I think giving our most prided games the attention and respect they deserve will really help bring this.

Now that you know there’s a Video Game Hall of Fame, what games would you like to see inducted in the coming years? Leave a comment with your opinions.


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