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343 Industries and Their Quest to Ruin Halo

Everyone remembers Halo: CE, It was a kick ass shooter with an awesome story and brilliant multiplayer aspect. In fact, without Halo we might not have ever gotten the modern Xbox we all know and love today. Halo’s  2 and 3 only built on the success of the original Halo, adding new features and overall keeping the game play fun.

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However, when Halo 4 was finally announced I was very excited. I had needed something to quench my thirst for a new and exciting Halo Experience…

Halo 4 and 5 Provide Hours of Disappointment

What I ended up getting was a shitty mediocre shooter with a less than lackluster story. The game wasn’t horrible but It just didn’t capture the feel, essence or charm,the others had.  Halo 5 also suffers from this same exact problem; except they removed split screen coop from the campaign. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

Throughout my childhood I always played those campaigns with a friend. Nothing is as much fun as playing through Halo 3’s spectacular campaign with someone you enjoy spending alot of time with.

Anyway I know I’m bitching at this point, but there really does need to be a change. As of now 343 is treating Halo like COD, somehow making each new release more stagnant than the last. “And I don’t really appreciate that!”

Also If you are interested In seeing exactly what I mean, I have listed a little video link below to show you just what i’m talking about:





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  1. In all fairness, Bungie did Halo less favors after the original. The campaign in Halo 2 was garbage, a casualty of development. Halo 3 redeemed it, but then they shat all over the canon with Reach. Halo became fan fiction long before 343 came along.