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Movies that should be made into video games

There are many movies that have made the transition from the big screens to video game consoles.  While some video games based upon a successful franchise have been successful like Star Wars creating video games like Star Wars Battlefront and Knights of the old republic, others are recently games based on movies Mad Max and Alien Isolation. However not all have triumphed in the pursuit for more money. Here is a list of movies that I believe could be made into great video games

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Cowboys and Aliens is a Western Sci-Fi action movie, sure the premise of the film is silly but that should have been a given with the title. Aliens have invaded the Old West of America to mine gold and are abducting people. A group of survivors from an attack give chase to the Alien stronghold, sounds absurd…and totally awesome to play! Imagine a video game cross over of Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect. To anyone thinking that idea is crazy remember Rock Star did pull off Red Dead Redemption with a zombies apocalypse. Anything is possible in the gaming world!

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The Void is a horror movie that came out last year. About a police officer finding an injured stranger on the road, after taking him to the hospital strange things begin to occur to the staff and patients. Something is happening inside the hospital and strange people surround the building, attacking anyone trying to escape. It has been praised highly for its use of particle effects that horror fans haven’t seen since the 1980’s, with many horror movies these days relying heavily on CGI to create monsters. With repulsive monsters to fight and a mystery to uncover this movie has big potential to be a great survival horror game.

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Dredd (the 2012 film with Karl Urban not the Sylvester Stallion film) is a science fiction action film. Although having success with critics the film did poorly in the box office but became a cult hit after home release. With a mega city cramming with over population ravaged with crime there could be a potential for an open world game here. Fighting various crime lords and their gangs like the Nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor. Killing a network of gang lieutenants, stopping distribution of illegal material and finally working your way to the boss (sounds like ghost recon right?). How would you portray the law? Serve justice with ruthless efficiency?

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Jumanji  is a 1995 fantasy movie about two children playing a magical board game. As they play the game itself unleashes all kinds of dangers and even a previous player trapped in the board game for decades. A new film will be out soon starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart. It is to be dedicated to the late Robin Williams. You have a board game where every move can lead to new disasters. Like being cursed to turn into a monkey, dealing with big spiders, dealing with a lion or trying to outrun a stampede of various animals. The possibilities are endless and a video game is a great platform to explore that. Playing a magical board game with friends in co-operative and trying to survive the game Jumanji together.

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The Descent is a horror film about a group of women cave diving (is that what you call it?) they find themselves trapped underground. There they encounter carnivorous humanoid creatures. This could be made into a video game crossed between the games Until Dawn and Tomb Raider. The survival mechanics and tools like the ones used in Tomb Raider, crafting makeshift weapons to fight off those hungry cave dwellers. While exploring dark caves and tunnels for a find a way, combat could be option with either fighting or avoiding enemies. Using Until Dawn’s story structure and character development. Being able to control each character in the group on what type of person they will be in the story.  Making life or death split decisions that will affect you, a friend or maybe even the entire group.

Is there a movie that you really enjoyed and wished you could play it on a console?

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