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Have Steams Summer Sale dates been leaked?

steam sale


Few things are definite in life, apart from death, taxes and spending all your money during Steam sales. If you’re a PC gamer it’s highly likely you’ve fallen victim to the allure of cheap games due to these sweet sweet sales. There are many options to acquire cheap PC games now, with humble bundle and many other websites offering regular deals. However, steam sales are a longstanding event that many look forward to, or dread depending on your finances.

With that said, this year’s steam summer sales dates may have been leaked. PCGamesN first spotted this via Reddit and the sales will supposedly take place between June 22 and July 5. This leak was discovered when user deliteplays posted a screenshot- taken from the Steamworks developers group and later confirmed by Jelman21- showing the proposed dates.

Regardless of whether this leak is true, it is safe to say the sales will not be far off from this date with last year’s sales running from June 23rd to July 4th.  So, you guys and girls better prepare yourselves. Lock away your wallets if you can’t afford more games that will probably sit alongside your library of hundreds of others. Or on the other hand cancel all your summer plans and pick up some great games for cheap. Nothing screams summer fun like a 12+ hour session spent on a new game.



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