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Mass Effect Andromeda: Not a review!

Mass Effect fans are still not happy, even with the new patches for the Andromeda game it still has gamers in a frenzy. But this isn’t about my opinion on MEA (which I loved by the way!). Instead I want to talk about the many questions raised in Andromeda that will hopefully be answered in the next game.

Warning this article will contain spoilers for Mass Effect Andromeda (duh!)

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Will we ever meet the creators of the vaults and Remnants the Jardaan?

The vaults are giant machines buried underground on planets in Andromeda, built to terra-form the entire planet to make it sustain life. The Remnant (named by Peebee) is machines with the sole purpose of guarding these facilities.  When you reach the Meridian station you find out that these creators called the Jardaan not only created Remnant but also created the Angarian, the natives you meet in Andromeda.

So it seems these creators created the Angarian race and the means to build planets for them to live on. But why? Did they simply just want to study this race from afar? To play God? Or were the Angarians suppose to be the Jardaan’s new army? During a mission you find an Angarian pilot inside a Remnant fighter ship, dated back centuries ago. The Scourge was a result of an explosion on a Jardaan space station, conflict between the Jardaan and someone other race.

So who were the Jardaan and Angarians fighting back then? Did the Angarians revolt against their creator or protect them against another enemy like maybe the Reapers?

Will the Jardaan reveal themselves in the next Mass Effect game?

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Who is the Benefactor?

When Ryder goes through the memories of his/her father Alex Ryder we found out that the Andromeda Initiative almost didn’t happen because of lack of support and funds. Then a mysterious person known only as the Benefactor contacts Alex Ryder giving him the resources and funding needed for the travel and colonisation of the Andromeda galaxy. So who is the Benefactor? Well it has to be someone in the galaxy with a lot of influence and money to spare for a project this size. There are really only two possible candidates.

Shadow Broker AKA Liara T’Soni. Since becoming the new Shadow Broker Liara has money and power to spearhead the Andromeda initiative. In fact she and Alex Ryder exchanged corresponds on talking about ancient civilisations like the Protheans. Liara knew the Reapers were coming, planned to have the Andromeda Initiative house all the races of the Milky Way. They would be the last of their races, the survivors of the Reaper War in case the Reapers won.

The Illusive Man, being in charge of Cerberus means he also has the power and money to fund the Initiative. He may be the main culprit for other reasons. Illusive man is always about humanity being on top of other races in the galaxy, let’s look at what happened in Andromeda. The only Ark that successfully makes to the Nexus is the human ark Hyperion safely to the Nexus. Coincidence?

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Will Cerberus re-emerge in Andromeda?

Twice in Kandara Ryder encounters Cerberus. Upon entering the port on the right side there is a shuttle with Cerberus colours and markings hovering in the air and then leaves. Later on you will encounter in two Cerberus scientist running an experiment on people,  trying to create a hive mind network like the Thorian in Mass Effect.

Cerberus resurfacing on Andromeda would be disastrous for the Initiative. Cerberus would most likely conduct immoral experiments on Angarians, most likely engage in terrorist like plots against the Nexus and maybe even try to align themselves with the Kett.

Many more questions that hopefully will be answered. Will Ryder’s mum be cured of her disease? Who murdered Jien Garson? What is the Remnant Abyssal (Worm) on New Tuchanka? Will the Kett return to Andromeda or will the next battle be fought in their galaxy?



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