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Wild West Online : Western themed MMO set to release this year.

When thinking about Wild West themed video games Red Dead Redemption is at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Especially recently with Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing this year. However, PC gamers – who missed out on Red Dead Redemption – are still being strung along without knowing if RDR 2 will be coming to PC. But fear not. An image recently leaked – initially thought to be a screenshot of RDR 2 – shows that an MMO called Wild West Online is coming to PC this year.

The Original leaked screenshot.

This screenshot has done wonders for 612 Games – the developers behind Wild West Online. The warm reception received by gamers led to investors giving more funding for the games development. This means crowdfunding- the initial plan to raise development funds- will no longer be needed and the game will not be released in early access.(Hooray for that)

Stephen Bugaj CCO of 612 games stated: “The community’s response to Wild West Online is something we never imagined and thanks to it we’re able to fully develop a robust Western experience for PC. We’ve been fortunate enough to have our initial investors step up and provide additional funding to make the game we wanted, without having to raise money via crowdfunding. Westerns are lacking on PC so we can’t wait to release the game to the public.”

Due to additional funding, features previously locked behind Kickstarter stretch goals such as female characters, card games and localization will release with the game. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably spend more time playing the card games than you care to admit. Only to lose and it all ending in a shootout.

Looking at the screenshots available it is easy to see why they were mistaken for RDR 2. The graphics look great, especially for an MMO. Obviously, it is too early to say how it will look upon release, but things appear promising.

wild wesgt
Looking particularly like John Marston here.

As for the game play, it is going to be quite open ended, as is typical of MMOs. There will be a story, but players will be able to explore the world and fulfill many roles expected of a western setting. You can choose to uphold the law. Or conversely, do your best to break it via murdering and stealing. But if you don’t want that hassle, just be a pioneer trying to turn a profit within the games economy.

Combat in the game will be PVP focused. Meaning those who choose to uphold the law must chase down bandit players. Player made gangs will help accomplish this. Hunting down players as bounty hunters or terrorizing others as bandits sounds like fun to me. Bandits will also be able to plan big heists which sounds awesome, I’m picturing some sort of great train robbery scenarios. Although, this will increase your wanted level, making you a bigger target for other players. Gang hideouts will also be available giving you a base to fall back to if the heat gets too much. This all sounds interesting and certainly promotes the social and community aspects of the MMO genre.

bank heist
Get your own bandit posse and get to robbing some $$$.

So, if you’re craving a good PC Western then this looks promising. Especially if Rockstar decides to hold off on the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 like they did with GTA. However, until we have a look at more than just screenshots it is probably best to hold off on the hype train. Luckily Alpha and Beta testing will be taking place later this year so an opportunity to see some game play will arise then.



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