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Crackdown 3 – Will it be at E3 ? And What We Know So far.

First off, news and updates have been pretty scarce on this game since its announcement back in 2014, so we gotta get you hyped up again.

Now hype/live action/announcement trailers don’t typically accurately portray what the game will be about, but Crackdown 3 is one of those exceptions. Your Mission: BLOW. SHIT. UP.

Among the few things we know so far, Crackdown 3 will offer an impressive FULL map destruction. This is achieved through running the game on cloud computing, a feat that hasn’t really been accomplished. This cloud computing allows the game to provide an impressive 20 timesĀ power of playing on an Xbox One. Now… tell me that doesn’t sound like a perfect Scorpio launch title.

With the scorpio being all about the most powerful console ever, and pushing limits it sounds perfect for a game looking to accomplish the same thing.

With at least 3 (likely 5 or more) years in development, as well as no Halo or Gears of War slated to come out this year, Xbox needs a console seller for both Xbox One and Scoprio as well as a successful IP to lead the path and Crackdown 3 might just be it…

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