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Best monster army in video games

Facing one monster in a video game can be tough but facing an army? Now that is a challenge! I am listing down the top best monster armies in sci-fi video games. Only video game created armies, that means no Warhammer races or anything based on movies.

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Number 3: The Locusts from Gears of War series

The Locusts Horde is a race of reptilian like humanoids living underground on the planet Sera. They are ruthless and cunning; in Gears of War 2 we see a change of tactics from Locusts. Instead of killing they begin to capture and viciously torture any humans they find, breaking people’s spirit. Through Gears 1 to 3 we see the world of Sera ravaged and destroyed because of the war between the Gears and Locusts. Playing the Gears of War games you would sometimes have that sense of being powerless in the fight against the Locust. With their vast army of Drones, a range of giant devastating monsters they tame and a merciless Queen leading them. The Locust army is a force to be reckoned with.

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Number 2: Super mutants from Fallout series

These 7 to 10 foot giants are one of the most dangerous creatures in the Fallout wastelands. With their large hulking (get it!) frame, able to withstand massive amounts of radiation. Super mutants are humans that have been exposed to FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) that have made them stronger and have increased fortitude. However this change makes Super mutants sterile, in Capital Wasteland the Super mutants overcame this problem. Kidnapping humans across the Wasteland to take to Vault 87 to be infected with FEV and transform to become part of the super mutant army. Violent, cannibalistic and really ugly the super mutants are one of the biggest threats you’ll encounter in the Wastelands of Fallout.

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Number 1 The Zerg Swarm from Starcraft series

The Zerg are arthropodal aliens that are feared all across the Milky Way. The Zerg are constantly evolving to become better killing machines. With natural armour plating and weaponry like claws and fangs, even able to survive the vacuum of space and resistant to most chemical agents. The Zerg swarm are responsible for the deaths of millions of lives on many planets, lead by the Queen of Blades this army is more deadlier than anything in the entire universe.



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