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Humble Spring Sale Encore live until Monday.

We all like cheap games. lets face it, the sight of games on sale can send even the best of us into a drooling frenzy. Well steady yourself because humble bundle are at it again satisfying your addiction for cheap games. if you thought their spring sale was good then its not over yet.

Humble bundles spring encore has taken many of the best selling games from their past few weeks of sales and are offering them up on a platter for your delight. There are many heavy hitters in the line up including : Dark souls 3 deluxe edition, Dishonored 2, Witcher 3 game of the year edition, Killing floor 2 and the whole first season of Hitman for 50% off.

Just judging by these deals it is pretty enticing and you haven’t played any of these games yet you should because they’re great. These aren’t the only deals on offer though so go and browse for yourself!

If you’re hurting for cash though, have no fear! Rising Storm game of the year edition is being given away for free on the humble store. Just put it in your basket and pick up your code to redeem on steam and you’re laughing! I’ve certainly grabbed it and am currently waiting for my terrible internet to strike up the courage to download it. When it eventually does i am looking forward to having some good multiplayer shooter fun. Although i imagine with Rising storm being a far cry from other shooters – in terms of it being much more punishing and reliant on teamwork- i’ll have to endure many deaths before i even get a kill. I’m sure my terrible internet and multiplayer shooter skill will not help this along either.

rising storm 2
Keep all your enemies nice and toasty with the flamethrower in Rising Storm.

The sale is currently live until Monday if you want to go and check it out at



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