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Halo: Gravemind, is it real or fake ?

You know when you read an online article and at the beginning they say things you already know and give super obvious information about the main topic almost as if you don’t know what it is despite you clicking an article about that same exact subject just to waist time and put more words on screen ? …Well I’m not doing that.

Halo: Gravemind, this supposed Halo spinoff title has caught some wind in the Halo community and caused discussion over it’s validity. First off, let’s take a look at at a photo from Twitter which was replied to by Halo’s franchise director and likely one of the most known faces of old Bungie and 343, Frank O’ Connor.

You gotta give Frankie some props for replying and denying in poetic form speaking as if he were the gravemind himself. Now, of course you could call it right then and there, but keep in mind Frank O’ Connor is known for intentionally denying the existence or lying about things that wound up to be true, Halo 2: Anniversary for instance. Though just from the looks of the image, I’m on the side of the fence that says that it’s a fake.

With that in mind there is some hope for you believers. One thing requested among Halo fans for quite some time now is a Halo themed horror game with the flood involved (those little critters are creepy as shit). As well, in the image we see a Creative Assembly logo in the lower right corner, C.A has done plenty of work on Halo before, they’re like 343’s trusty neighbor with a great grill.

Furthermore, Creative Assembly is known for working on horror games such as “Alien: Isolation” a very well praised horror game and coming off of working on Halo Wars 2 as well as E3 right around the corner, and the multiple copies, could their be too many coincidences for this to be false or did someone just know what cards to play ? Once again I think it’s fake as there’s also a Halo 6 logo down at the bottom and 343 has made it clear they won’t be doing numbered Halo games in the future, but who knows ? We’ll have to wait for E3 and see.

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