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Vampyr E3 trailer shows Gothic despair on London’s streets.

DontNod Entertainment have recently released the E3 trailer for their new game Vampyr. Thankfully, it looks suitably Gothic and moody for a game about vampires which inspires hope for its release.

Vampyr is an RPG game in which Dr Jonathon Reid becomes a vampire during a Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 London. When combining Spanish Flu and 1918 London hygiene it is easy to imagine Dr Reid has numerous patients. Thereby, perfectly setting him up for a life as a vampire.

I’ve been interested in this game, since i first heard about it in early 2016, because it has come from the developers of Life Is Strange. The consequences system , and its impact on the way the story played out, left me thoroughly satisfied. However, Vampyr certainly seems like a far cry from the story that life is strange. Opting for less teen angst but still keeping the troubling moral decisions.

Jonathon Reid is a Doctor. Sworn to help London fight the Flu.

DontNod Entertainment have confirmed that a similar consequence system will be present in Vampyr. The game world will reflect consequences depending on the players actions. For instance, you can feed on many humans who have connections in the world. If you want to feed to level your  powers quicker then you can. However, those you choose to feed on will subsequently affect the story. I really like to see my decisions reflected in the game world around me when i’m playing a game so this is certainly a feature i am excited for.

But anyway, enjoy the trailer below. it is just a cinematic trailer. However, i feel it gives a good feel for the atmosphere the game is trying to portray. Plus at 1 :20 it has what seems to be underground vampire bare knuckle boxing ( i may be exaggerating). Vampyr will release later this year. It will come to the PC , Xbox and Playstation 4.