SCP Containment Breach (Alpha Review)


About 4 months ago, I had the pleasure of discovering this neat free indie title named SCP: Containment Breach. Originally I didn’t expect much going in, It looked like any other shitty bug-ridden horror asset flip that we’ve all seen before. To my surprise however, the game is actually brilliant. The variety of the monsters and interesting game mechanics kept me playing for many hours.

The Beginning

The game begins with you waking up in a small containment cell where you are promptly informed that you have the “pleasure” of being one of the Class D personnel or (test subjects) in a large undisclosed military lab somewhere in America. As in all lab escape horror titles shit goes to hell very fast. The monsters escape, leaving you as the sole survivor. The objective of the game is to escape in any way possible, all while evading the monsters and anomalous objects (SCPs) you encounter along the way.

Although low poly, the monsters and entities can be flat terrifying. This Asshole can warp though walls at any time to send you to his pocket dimension .

The Good

-Lots of Diversity

Every SCP or monster behaves very differently from the last. Throught my multiple playthroughs, I felt strongly that no two monsters were the same. Some prefer to subtly stalk their victims from a distance, others prefer to go full assault on you. However the ways in which they accomplish these are very different. Take SCP-173 for instance:

SCP-173 can only move when no-one is looking. Similar to Doctor Who’s weeping angels. Careful though; if caught, your neck will be snapped.


– Mechanics and Lore

The game features a blinking mechanic that I think adds a lot of positive tension to the game. Giving the protagonist the need to blink allows the monsters more of a chance to scare you, so I count that as a plus. Also apparently, the game is completely based off the SCP Foundation website and is definitely worth checking out.

The Not So Good

-Random Room Generation

My only real beef with the game is the procedural generated rooms and hallways. Sometimes you will be unfairly placed at the start of the game far away from essential materials (keycards, gasmasks, ect.) that are not required to survive, but necessary to have early game.

Is It Worth My Time?

Definitely, this is probably one of the bast indie games ive ever played, and as of now it is FREE!! However I have noticed the game crashes quite a lot and may take some finagling to get running, but once you get it going it’s well worth the effort! I rank it 8 out of 10!

Also, if your into spooky stuff (I sure am) The SCP Foundation website definitely has some good reads there and is worth looking into.


 Link to official game website: http://scpcbgame.com/

Link to SCP Foundation Wiki: http://www.scp-wiki.net/

Link to some shitty chocolate chip cookie recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/10813/best-chocolate-chip-cookies/


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