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What We Learned From the New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Since 2015 Square Enix has been teasing fans of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series with trailers and rumors surrounding the much-anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts III. After years of patiently waiting the prayers of the fans have finally been answered. The only downside was that there wasn’t much information to gather on what they can expect from the critical battle between the light and darkness.

On June 10, Square Enix released their latest trailer.


Mount Olympus:

Unfortunately, most of the footage at the beginning of the trailer is just gameplay very little plot revealed. For about the first 50 or so seconds, we see Sora fighting alongside Donald, Goofy, and Hercules in what obviously appears to be the top of Mount Olympus. Later in the trailer we see Sora battle the Rock Titan on the side of a large mountain, and the appearance of our favorite God of the Underworld, Hades.


Hercules in the Trailer fighting along side Sora and the others


It looks like the events of the game will follow the storyline of Hercules from the original movie, where Hades releases the Titans in an attempt to overthrow Zeus and the other Gods. Looks like our heroic trio will have to team up with Hercules to help him vanquish the Titans, defeat Hercules’s uncle, and save Mount Olympus. That makes for an exciting premise, and it’s awesome to see the Ancient Greek world get a little more plot and loyalty to the story than what we saw in previous games.

If this is the case, which it most likely is, that means that we might get a chance to see some of the other Gods. I don’t know about you, but I for one am brimming with excitement at the prospect of seeing old man Zeus hurl some lightning bolts at some baddies.

The world of Hercules has always been a favorite as it has appeared in numerous Kingdom Hearts installments. But, unfortunately, it looks like our journies with everyone’s favorite boy wonder will come to a close.


The Blackbox:

Pete and Maleficent are back! Oh, how we missed our big lovableā€¦. whatever Pete is. And our favorite green skin, horned bad girl too.

Both Pete and Maleficent approach Hades from a dark portal, though Hades doesn’t seem too happy to see them. Maleficent asks him if he has seen what she refers to as “a distinctive black box.”

There are a few important factors happening in this scene. The scene established that Maleficent and Hades are not allies. Most likely Maleficent will not be a recurring villain for Sora and friends throughout the game. Instead, it’s more likely that she’ll be working in the shadows searching for the mysterious black box she spoke of. After all, she has her own quarrel with Xenhort whom she loathes more than Sora.

I’m almost certain that the black box Maleficent is referring to is a dangerous object of the darkness. There might be more than one of them scattered throughout the worlds, but it’s more likely there is only one.

So, what is the black box and how important is it to the story?

Sadly, we don’t know. It probably contains very important information about the darkness, which could possibly be used to defeat Xenhort. Maleficent wants to be the ruler of darkness, but cannot so long as Xenhort stands in her way. The black box could contain a very powerful essence of darkness that she plans to use to overthrow Xenhort and his… other Xenhorts, and quite possibly take control of the Heartless.

But the most important part of the trailer is…

Return of Roxas, Xion, and Namine:

Let’s get down to the thing that everybody watched this trailer for, other than to get completely hyped. The potential return of Roxas.

Near the end of the trailer, we see Sora confronting Xemnas and Xenhort’s heartless outside the abandoned mansion in Twilight Town. Xemnas asks a very important question, how does he intend to bring Roxas back. Xemnas states that if Sora wants to bring Roxas back he will inevitably have to call upon the darkness.


Probably because Roxas was forged from the Darkness as a Nobody. And that he was never actually supposed to exist. Therefore, in order for Sora to resurrect a part of himself that was created when he gave up his heart in order to free Kairi, he must, in turn, do something similar.

Fans have been wondering for years if Roxas would ever make an appearance again Kingdom Hearts during the current events of the game. For years it seems that Square Enix has been hinting at the possibility, but never fully committing to giving the fans a definitive answer. And now with the trailer, it seems that we’re finally getting closer to the answer.

We now know from the trailer that Sora is actively seeking to find a way to bring Roxas back. Most likely a good portion of the game will be the focus on Sora’s quest to bring back his blond other. I think that this is a pretty good indication that Square Enix intends for Roxas to return as one of the main characters again. How that will happen is still unknown.

But if Sora does manage to find a way to resurrect Roxas, does that mean that Xion will also be returning, as well as Namine? Xion did make a brief appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Distance both to Sora and Riku. Riku met her inside Sora’s heart, indicating that she is still alive inside of Sora, whom she is a part of. She is also connected to Roxas. Meaning that whatever it is that Sora does to bring Roxas back, he will simultaneously bring Xion back as well.

But this is all speculation. We don’t have a definitive answer just yet, but from the trailer, it’s most likely that all our beloved Nobodies will be coming home soon.