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Xbox Scorpio Price Revealed

You like quickies ? I’ll give you a fast one, don’t worry.

Geoff Keighley known for hosting the Video Game Awards is at E3 and is known for having good connections and for being a relaible source of information. So while not official until later today, we can most likely expect the Xbox Scorpio (if that’s even still the name) to be $500 USD upon launch.

To my surprise, this price has caught quite a few people off guard who thought the console would be cheaper. Personally, I didn’t think for a moment since the Scorpio was announced that it’d be under 500, especially with all the power, hardware, and specs.

And like Xbox has said a few times before, this is for people who are on the more serious/hardcore side of gaming. You didn’t need to spend 150$ on a controller but if you wanted to, you could, same goes for this console. They know their target audience.

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