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Why Halo not being at E3 is a good thing.

So at this point you probably know that Halo kept it’s head down this year at E3 and didn’t announce much other than some Halo Wars 2 news and yeah it sucks eggs that we didn’t get anything, but let me tell you why this is a good thing.

Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 industries, recently tweeted that the next Halo game isn’t ready to be shown, if it’s not ready then it’s not ready. The last thing we need is another Halo title launching broken or with a lack of content, so the next game can take as much time as necessary in my book.

The last time we saw a Halo game super early was with the Master Chief poncho trailer and that was 3 years before launch. Come release we’re all pissed Halo 5 resembled nothing in the trailer or advertising, it’s obvious they’re avoiding that this time and giving us news once things are more final.

Halo has kinda been rocking back and forth over the past few years and the last thing it needs is another sloppy game. Additionally, I’ve seen a few people saying since Halo isn’t front and center this year that it’s dead. It’s not dead people, it just isn’t ready, simple as that. People saying that it is dead just because it wasn’t in the main spotlight this year have no idea what they’re talking about. And they’ll look like even bigger fools come next year when low and behold it’s ready to be released and back in the spotlight.

People want games out as soon as possible then act surprised when it isn’t everything it should or could be at launch. Good games take time. And what 343 needs to do is take all the time they need.

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