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Destiny 2 Beta Date and New Trailer

Before words are spoken (or written) let’s just enjoy a Destiny trailer first.

Destiny 2 BETA

  • July 18: PlayStation 4 Pre-Order BETA
  • July 19: Xbox One Pre-Order BETA
  • July 21: Open BETA for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • July 23: Console BETA End-date
  • Late August: PC BETA

Destiny 2 LAUNCH

  • September 6: PS4 and Xbox One
  • October 24: PC

Also, if you’re looking to pre-order on PC then click here for that, with that in mind you can pre-order for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to if you’d like.

Other news that has fans quite upset is that the game will not run on the new Xbox One X at 60FPS. Whether this was done on purpose, due to hardware performance (unlikely) or because the PS4 PRO can’t run the game at 60FPS isn’t known.

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