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How and Why are EA taking Star Wars in a New Direction?

It was as if millions of voices cried out in terror. But this time, they weren’t silenced. This was the furious reaction to the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront game from EA. It was just…bad. The game had very little content, and the playerbase died within weeks of release. This was mostly due to the awful DLC plan that EA are known for. They essentially released incredibly important things from the Original Trilogy at extra cost. Examples of this are the Death Star, the beloved Bespin Cloud City and quite a lot more. It separated the already very small community, as many people refused to purchase the DLC due to the reasons I just mentioned.

Needless to say, fans were absolutely heartbroken, myself included, to see the franchise be used as a money making machine by EA. We played the original 2005 Battlefront 2 (One of the greatest Star Wars games of all time) and knew what this series could be, had EA put some heart into it. The 2015 Battlefront was beautiful, both visual and audio wise. Had the game gotten more content at launch, and the DLC cycle not been so bad, the game could’ve been one of the best Star Wars games in existence. But alas, these weren’t the only complaints of the game. Many fans were outraged to hear that the game would be multiplayer only. We wanted a story, a campaign. This was just one of the points in which the game fell flat. And that also goes into the category of ‘lack of content’.

However, EA and DICE have shocked the masses, leaving people stunned. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a Story Campaign, plenty of content at launch and, drum roll, FREE DLC! Yeah, EA of all companies, are releasing all the DLC for free. No paid expansions! Completely free! Now, I was cautious. This didn’t seem like EA. Something was up. But I was wrong. Saturdays E3 conference cemented that. EA seem genuine in making this game one for the fans. Hell, they even had John Boyega talking about the game! I was as shocked as anybody when EA actually acknowledged the complaints of the first game during the presentation!

First off,the Story Campaign. Set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, we play as Iden Versio, a commander of the Imperial Special Forces unit Inferno Squadron. Sounds interesting, right? Playing from the Empires perspective sounds really interesting to me, and I’m excited to see how it’s pulled off!

Iden Versio, the Campaigns protagonist.

At launch, the game will feature all 3 eras of Star Wars. The Prequels, The Originals and The Sequels. At the conference, we saw gameplay of a Clone Wars Naboo map and it looked superb!

I’m personally really looking forward to playing through the Prequel Era because, as a massive Star Wars fan, that’s my favorite era! Heroes and maps from all eras will be available, with more obviously being released as DLC later. 

Darth Maul faces off with Yoda on Naboo.

For example, a few weeks after launch, players will gain access to Finn and Captain Phasma as playable heroes and maps centered around the new planet, Crait, as part of ‘The Last Jedi’ content releasing in December. Hopefully, Phasma has a purpose in ‘The Last Jedi’ other than looking cool! Another feature is Skirmish mode. An offline co-op mode, playable in split-screen. Hopefully they expand on it this time around, as it was a personal highlight of the last game.

Overall, I’m happy with the direction that the game has seemingly been taken in, and I really look forward to getting my hands on the game and playing it!

The game launches on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Beta taking place this fall. If you pre-order the game, you’ll get Early Access to the Beta.















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