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Sony doesn’t want anything to do with Xbox and Nintendo Cross-Play

One of the more innovative pieces of news to come from E3 is the fact that Minecraft will have cross play with not only Xbox and PC, but with the Nintendo Switch as well.

It was announced the other day that Xbox and PlayStation were in talks to allowing Sony players to get in on the action, but it seems like PlayStation denied. Phil Spencer went on to talk about this during an interview, and while he hides it you can definitely tell he’s a little pissed in regards to their reasoning.

While it happens to everyone, it is somewhat ironic considering PlayStation has had quite a few massive/notable hacking attacks over the past few years.

Also it’s worth noting that Xbox/Microsoft owns Minecraft yet they still don’t trust them. None the less it seems like for the time being PlayStation fans are gonna be left out of the big picture when it comes to Minecraft and this probably means Rocket League wont be getting in on this action either.


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