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Super Mario Odyssey: What was Revealed in the New Trailer

E3 2017 is over now, but there were plenty of new trailers worth talking about still. Nintendo had their presentation on June 13th where they revealed some new gameplay. Nintendo has also been revealing some new games throughout the week in their tree house event. Although there were some pretty interesting titles revealed with “Metroid Prime 4,” Nintendo went the same route as last year with focusing on one major title. Last year, they showed off “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and this year it was “Super Mario Odyssey.” The new trailer reveals how truly ridiculous this game is turning out to be.

Earlier in the year, “Super Mario Odyssey” was revealed in the Nintendo Switch presentation showing off Mario’s new ability to throw his hat and use it for multiple purposes. The E3 trailer pretty much took it to a whole new level with Mario having an ability to possess nearly anything with his hat. That’s right, Mario became a poltergeist. It is a cool ability though, and mixes up the usual Mario formula. The opening of the trailer shows that Mario can even possess a T-Rex, so who needs a Yoshi anymore? The possessing ability goes further though where he can use it to become electricity and go through telephone wires. He can even possess a pole and launch himself upwards.

The trailer puts some doubts to rest as well. Well kind of. There are weird aspects to the game still with Mario walking around a city full of actual people while he looks, you know, cartoony. It reminded me of the Sonic Adventure over world, even though weirdly enough made more sense, because he’s a cartoon hedgehog while Mario is a person. It’s just kind of strange. With that said, the city is a lot cooler than I originally thought because of one aspect. I thought it was a real world city although there is a banner that clearly says “New Donk City” even present in the first trailer. That’s right. It is straight up a tribute to the original Donkey Kong game and I’m not sure if Donkey Kong would show up. If he does, I hope Mario can throw his hat on his head and become Donkey Kong. I mean it would be weird but kinda cool right?

So, a character shows up at the end of the trailer, who is an interesting addition for the game. Pauline shows up and is the mayor of “New Donk City.” I cannot believe they brought back Pauline from Donkey Kong. It’s pretty awesome! Maybe she’ll be racing in a new Mario Kart later as well. It’s just cool seeing Nintendo acknowledge older characters and bringing them back.

In this game, Mario travels the world in a hot air balloon that looks like a top hat, everything is about hats in this game. The game appears to play like Super Mario Sunshine or even Mario 64 with these open sand world type stages to explore. It’s also neat that Mario can collect a moon (assuming the equivalent of a star or shine sprite from previous games) and keep going through the stage. It reminds me of Banjo Kazooie or the other old Rare games.

¬†One last interesting aspect to mention is the use of costumes in the game. So far, the costumes don’t seem to have crazy abilities like previous Mario games. It makes sense though since Mario has the ability to possess anything which takes the place of abilities such as shooting fireballs or whatever else. The only thing I have noticed with the costumes so far is they slightly act the way clothes and armor worked in Breath of the Wild. I don’t mean extra strength or defense, but the clothes do seem to make certain weather conditions bearable for Mario. Mario is seen in a desert at night where it is super cold and he is shivering, and according to the Tree House Live Broadcast, Mario stops shivering when wearing the right outfit. The outfits probably play roles in getting moons as well though.

“Super Mario Odyssey” looks pretty weird and ridiculous, but it definitely strays away from the usual Mario forms which is awesome. The game looks pretty sweet and will release in October 27, 2017 on Nintendo Switch!