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Xbox Wins E3 in more ways than One.

Y’all heard of that E3 thing right? Huge game conference, lot’s of new titles debut, hands on with games coming out later on in the year, and there was some cringe this year I heard.

Anyway not everyone can visit in person, so like most, we watch online and this year Xbox hit the top with the most viewers on Twitch at E3 at any given moment.

Once again keep in mind this is Twitch only. This is still quite surprising/impressive though Xbox came out on top considering how much they encouraged fans to use their new Twitch competitor streaming service “Mixer”. For those of you curious here’s this and last year’s stats as well.


1. Microsoft/Xbox — 818k viewers
2. Ubisoft — 759k viewers
3. Sony/PlayStation — 757k viewers
4. EA — 910k viewers
5. PC Gaming Show — 488k viewers
6. Nintendo — 422k viewers
7. Bethesda — 610k viewers


1. Microsoft/Xbox — 1.1 million viewers
2. Ubisoft — 986k viewers
3. Sony/PlayStation — 962k viewers
4. EA — 676k viewers
5. PC Gaming Show — 552k viewers
6. Nintendo — 292k viewers
7. Bethesda — 233k viewers

The website Gityhp had a few interesting facts as well in terms of viewership on YouTube and such.

Gamers’ interest on YouTube was similar when comparing view counts to Twitch’s viewers. Microsoft’s Briefing on the official Xbox YouTube channel as of right now also holds the #1 spot with 2.3 million views. PlayStation’s Briefing video only pulled in half of that with 1.3 million views, but surprisingly doubled Ubisoft’s 624k views. The main difference was Nintendo, whose Spotlight did much better on YouTube than Twitch and currently places it third with 728k views.

Xbox also celebrates another #1 victory with the newly announced Xbox One X becoming the most wished for Video Game product on Amazon.

Bonus points if you caught the pun in the title.

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