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Violently Crash Cars and Not Die In This Video Game – Wreckfest

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants to die these days, apparently there’s things still worth living for; who knew? Anyway, if you’re still itching to crash a couple cars and not have law suit follow then the upcoming crash derby-racing game Wreckfest is just for you !

Slated to release late 2017 for PC and early 2018 for PlayStation and Xbox, Wreckfest offers something you don’t see much these days in racing games – VIOLENCE. This generation of consoles hasn’t offered much in the realm of destruction derby/car combat so this should please quite a few.

At the moment Wreckfast is currently in Steam’s early access program and will be recieiving plenty of updates in the near future, such as:

The career mode: By achieving victories, players can get access to more and better cars and upgrade them with various parts
Car customization: A complex system, allowing the players to fully customize their cars for their individual needs, like more armor to withstand the competitors or more powerful engines
More cars, more tracks: THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment will make sure a constant flow of additional content will be added on a regular basis for the remaining months of the Early Access program
New multiplayer server: To guarantee an outstanding racing and wrecking experience, an Official Wreckfest Server will be opened

They’ve also got a Patreon if you’re interested in supporting, check it out here.

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