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Why ‘Zombies Chronicles’ is the DLC that players needed, and deserved…

Call of Duty: Black Ops III had very mixed reactions from fans of the beloved Zombies game mode. Some loved the new direction that Treyarch took, others hated it. Some despised the mode due to the focus on doing quests, instead of the simplicity fans are used to, others hated it because of the completely unsatisfying and disheartening ending and others were angry with the lack of map type variety. All the maps were huge, quest driven ones, as I mentioned. It just wasn’t the finale that fans were hoping for.

Shangri-La is as beautiful as ever!

While it was indeed a huge step up mechanic-wise, many people preferred the more simplistic, arcade style of the older maps from previous installments in the saga. A ton of people didn’t welcome the huge focus on the storyline, and would’ve rather just played classic Zombies. And that’s OK! I partially agree with them! But I thought that the new maps were very entertaining…for a while.

I personally found that the change of scenery and Quest-Driven maps were really fun! Although I couldn’t nudge off that incredibly annoying fact that I couldn’t just sit down and chill with Zombies like old times. The complete lack of basic maps was a sin! The only map I found myself playing on a regular basis was ‘The Giant’, a simple and fun map that I could just chill with. But guess what? It’s a remake! The only simple map in Black Ops III was a remake. I regularly found myself reminiscing on old times with maps like ‘Kino der Toten’ and ‘Moon’ where I could just sit down and play for a couple hours. Whilst many would argue that the latter is a Quest-Driven map, it was done in such a way that the Quests weren’t necessary to enjoy the map, and it still had plenty of features for casual players.

Now I’m by no means a casual player. I play Zombies all the damn time. It’s extremely addictive! But with these new maps, it takes a decent while to get set-up for a match, simply because you needed to do tedious Mini-Quests which would take a good while to get set up, only for you to die literal moments after finishing said set-up, and I just couldn’t enjoy that. I found myself playing less and less.

‘Kino der Toten’ will hold tons of memories for longtime players of the series!

Well, you can imagine my excitement and ‘surprise’ (There were quite the number of leaks in the weeks leading into the announcement) when Treyarch revealed ‘Zombies Chronicles’. A final DLC for Black Ops III, it granted players 8 maps, completely remastered in the Black Ops III engine. And yep, you guessed it, it consisted of mostly basic, simple maps from back in World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops II. Origins being an exception of the ‘simple’ map formula, but it gets a pass because of how damn well it was executed! I could finally just play Zombies now! No more 2 hour attempts at Quests (Commonly referred to as Easter Eggs by the community) just to play a single game. It was great!

The DLC recently launched, and needless to say, it did not disappoint. Sure, fans had their quips (Namely, the starting pistol was the Black Ops III version instead of the M1911 from the first 3 games, but that’ll be fixed soon according to the devs) but the maps are beautiful, play really well and having the Original 4 characters back is a gift in itself. Who doesn’t love alcoholic Nikolai? Or Schizophrenic  Richtofen!? I’m in love with the remasters. Playing through ‘Kino der Toten’ again, taking in all the fine details all over again is amazing! Somehow, they took amazing maps and improved them! This is truly what the fans needed. Now the game has a great variety of maps, and I would go as far to call it the ‘Ultimate Zombies Experience’! I must admit, I’m even enjoying maps like ‘Shi No Numa’, which beforehand, wasn’t my cup of tea!

Origins, the absolutely brilliant finale of Black Ops II is back, and it’s just as difficult and fun as ever! This time, the boss is around 10x harder, and takes approx. 3 rounds to beat if your aim is as bad as mines!

‘Origins’ returns with quite an upgrade.


As mentioned, it does have its issues. The starting pistol issue, the fact that the wall-buys are generally the Black Ops III guns and the apparent glitches players seem to be facing are all negatives, although the developers seem to be working on a patch to have them all smoothed out.                            


I heavily recommend this DLC to anyone who owns the game and enjoys Zombies. It’s available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  • 8 Completely Remastered, Stunning Maps
  • ‘Ultimus’ Characters as enjoyable as ever!
  • New, Small Easter Eggs for Players to Find


  • MR6 Starting Pistol
  • A Number of Glitches
  • Some Wall-Buys should’ve been Original Guns


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