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Drift into a realm of insanity in Call of Cthulhu’s new trailer.

Call of Cthulhu is a game brought to us by Cyanide Studio. Cyanide developed both Blood Bowl and Styx. I recently played Styx : Master of Shadows. Whilst not a Triple A game, it certainly shows the studios capabilities (i can’t really comment on Blood Bowl). Anyway, I first heard about the Lovecraftian inspired game early last year. Call of Cthulhu initially excited me, when i saw a trailer last year. However, i had admittedly forgotten about it until recently.

The new trailer certainly drew me back into a state of excitement for the game though. Creepy cultists, trippy inexplicable visuals plus a protagonist who’s sanity is seemingly unraveling at the seams. All these factors create the tone and mood i’d expect from a Lovecraftian game. Whilst the trailer does not really show off any game play as of yet. it explores the hallways and what seem to be caverns that will make up the environment of Dark water island where the game will take place.

PC gamer have discussed the trailer and described the game as an “RPG investigate em up”. So if i was to hazard a guess then i would imagine the game itself is going to play something like Amnesia :The Dark Descent, placing emphasis on making the protagonist feel vulnerable. Although, I’ve obviously got nothing to base this off, it is just what i would expect from a horror game representing Lovecraft and Cthulhu.


Call of Cthulhu has limited information available currently. Which indicates Cyanide studios are keeping their cards close to their chest. However we know that Players will delve into the psyche of Edward Pierce. A Veteran of war who now earns his living as a private detective in 1920’s Boston. The death of an acclaimed artist and her family leads to Edward being hired to investigate Darkwater Island. The investigation will bring him closer to uncovering the great dreamer, known as Cthulhu. Plus the mysteries that come with that.

Call of Cthulhu is set for a release in the last quarter of 2017. Until then, enjoy the new trailer and make up your own mind.