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Trove; Will you stay sane?

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What is Trove?

Free to play or pay to win? That’s usually what people ask when it comes to free games. Unlike most however, Trove throws the pay to win out the window! Trove is a voxel MMO where you must fight dungeon bosses in order to improve your gear and level up. If your looking for something to keep you occupied for hours on end Trove certainly wont let you down. That is of course if you enjoy doing the same thing over and over again.

Rinse and Repeat.

The one major thing this game lacks is change. You are sent across the world to fight dungeon bosses, but what really changes within these? The location, that’s it. The procedural generated worlds may have you in a fairy forest fighting in an enchanted tree, the next you may be taking on a giant cake in a pool of chocolate sauce. But the bosses don’t change at the end. Whether you’re fighting and evil fairy or a giant cake. The same moves are repeated constantly, smacks you once with a chocolate laser next thing you know the fairy may be shooting you with a laser type beam as well. But even within the bosses as well. The names change, one second you may be fighting a mushroom lord and the next you may be fighting him again but renamed. Is this really a good attempt to try and hide the fact the game is constantly repeating itself? You killed that mushroom three hundred times already, I guess it’s time for round three hundred one right? How can one person possibly stay sane?

What About the Very Best?

Wait there’s more! This process of killing each boss over and over (Which by this point I’m pretty sure I’ve killed all the mushroom men.) isn’t the biggest problem. The fact that you want to be the best, that no one ever was. That’s the main issue. Now you gain experience by killing bosses to level up your characters level, on top of that your mastery level! Is that everything you must level up? Nope, those aren’t even the most important. The most important thing you must increase is your power rank. I can say majority if not all people would agree with this. How do you unlock new worlds? You raise your power rank. How do you access better dungeons such as the shadow tower? You raise your power rank. So this power rank I’m talking about, how does one earn it? As you level up your character level and mastery level you earn slight bonuses. What’s the best way to increase it though? Through loot, but how do you get loot? By doing as many dungeons as your little heart desires. That’s right, the only way to increase your power rank quickly and unlock fun things like new worlds and the shadow tower. Now you’re probably thinking “What’s so bad about this?” Well, I’ll just say this. They constantly raise the max power rank. so it’s a never ending struggle to reach max rank.

Ending Thoughts

Trove certainly does pull you in despite its problems, if you enjoy games with a bit of charm Trove certainly has that. Whether it’s the voxel base graphics, or just the NPC models the game certainly puts you in a better mood. The graphics are voxel based with a cartoon vibe, absolutely adorable! Now this MMO RPG has many pros and cons just like any other game, so it all comes down to one question. Is this 1.5 GB beta game worth downloading? Absolutely, despite the problems of the game I’ve discussed it certainly pulls you in. Whether it’s the charm or just being able to play it hours on end because of the grind. I myself have played for hundreds of hours between PC and PS4 and I enjoyed every moment and would do so again. So stop reading this and head to steam, PStore or the XbLM and get to taking on the dungeons!