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Modern Warfare Remastered going Standalone? Uh oh…

People who spent all that extra cash on the ‘Infinite Warfare‘ Legacy Edition must feel real cheated now. have come into possession of some images and information regarding a standalone Modern Warfare Remastered, slated for release on June 27th with a full $39.99 price tag.

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This will no doubt be controversial to fans, after Activision said that they wouldn’t be releasing the game standalone, and fans would need to own Infinite Warfare in order to play the game.

Obviously, ‘Infinite Warfare‘ was panned by critics and fans alike. In fact, I’d go as far to say that the game wouldn’t have sold too well without the incentive of MWR coming with the Legacy Edition. The Legacy Edition was around $80 at launch, much to the dismay of fans. Yet it still sold. And the people who purchased it, understandably, won’t be too happy about this.

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Apparently, the ‘Variety Map Pack’ will not be included with the game, which won’t shock many people, and definitely spark some controversy.

Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone will supposedly launch on June 27th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC at $39.99.

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