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The Exclusive Color Buffet

The Current Situation

Call of duty DLC comes out first on ps4. The Xbox one gets player unknown battlegrounds. Sony get’s the mid-gen upgrade before Microsoft with the Ps4 Pro. But at the recent E3 expo Microsoft blew Sony out of the water with the atomic bomb that is wait for it…(Imagine a great professional very expensive drum roll here please). Minecraft is getting a slew of graphical enhancements that are all exclusive to the new shiny X rated Xbox one X. Yes you did hear me correctly Microsoft has a new weapon in the console war. Exclusive mid-gen super fucking duper 4K enhancements to games. Right now it’s just Minecraft that has exclusive enhancements in the works. I am beginning to think this could be the start to something terrible. Now I cannot argue with the fact that the Xbox one x is more powerful than the ps4 Pro. BUT it’s only fucking Minecraft. kids play it on there little single core 800 mhz smart phones I think the 400 dollar 8 core 4.2 teraflop behemoth that is the Playstation 4 PRO can handle some fucking god rays. Now yes Microsoft owns Minecraft so they are free to do this BUT we don’t have to sit idle by and let his happen. No I don’t even like Minecraft but this isn’t about Minecraft anymore.

The Future

Now it’s about the future of the gaming industry. Because if we don’t do something now this could very well lead to other publishers having system exclusive enhancements as well. Far cry 5 coming out and the Pro gets to have increased render distances and better particle effects. While the One X gets stable frame rates and better shadows and increased foliage. Maybe next publishers like EA will start having their games release with system exclusive colors. The One X enjoying a nice tropical color palette in Battlefront 2. Meanwhile the Pro will play Battlefront 2 with a fashionable temperate palette. Consumers will choose systems based on what colors they get in Destiny 2. Hell why not, there can be even more colors locked away with micro transactions and collectors editions. And I’m not saying this is exactly what is going to happen. No I’m here to warn you all of a very color distorted future and to help stop the over excessive exclusivity in the industry.


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