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Ori and the will of the wisps things we would like to see

I like every Ori fan want this game so without further a due here are things we want to see. So lets go over things in things we would like to see in Ori and the will of the wisps lets go.

The owl.

Since we saw the owl in the trailer it looks like the owl will play a large role in the game. It makes sense to integrate the owl into the game play as a way to either fly or glide around as well as help in combat. Plus it would make for a nice companion on your journey perhaps even give it some powers also. Either way it would lead to some cute and gut wrenching moments if done well.

deeper plot.

The new friend with Ori would lead to a much deeper story. Mixed with joy, happiness, sadness. I want to feel every emotion playing this game much like the last one. I want to go and gush about the game and say how a felt about it. Basically I want it to be like the first game’s story but much deeper and grander scale.

New areas.
Some new areas would be nice as well as fun to explore. So we could have deserts and have Ori slide around on sand or have him slide around on ice in a snow area. While sticking with wonderful, lush forests that were in the first game.

New game play additions.
For example new powers for Ori and give the owl some upgrades. Use it during the game as a way to get around and go find items or power ups. New powers for Ori anything to spice up the game play.

So those are just some things that I think will make the new Ori game great and in the end that is what we all want.

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