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5 great games even your crappy laptop can run.

Often, when PC gaming is discussed , expensive computer parts and Goliath sized towers are flaunted . However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Whilst it is true that high end computers can run beautifully crafted game worlds, it doesn’t have to be so complex.

Pretty much everyone has a laptop these days, they are more accessible than ever for increasingly cheap prices. There are many games out there – especially in recent years – that can run on pretty much any relatively recent laptop. So if you don’t have a Hench desktop and still want to indulge in some PC games without selling a kidney, read on! Plus out of the kindness of my heart I’ll also link some videos to help you make up your mind. Also, the fact that the steam summer sale is live means that you’ll get most of these games even cheaper than usual too!

Stardew Valley

First up, is one game that i could never originally see the appeal in, Stardew Valley. I put off trying out this game for a long time due to not really seeing the end goal or point. But therein lies Stardew Valleys strength.

It’s just such a relaxing game. You just inherit your farm and are left to your own devices. Whether that’s growing crops , fishing , mining or foraging.

There is a combat system whilst you’re in the Mines, but it’s not where  I’d say the game shines.  My favorite part was the fishing to be honest. There are tonnes of fish to catch. Including several more difficult “Legendary” fish.

Overall it’s a great game to play if you may be stuck in a rut. Either with the games you’re currently playing or video games in general. If you’re interested it’s currently 40% off in the steam sale.


Next on the list is Undertale. Another game that will run on ANYTHING, even a piece of fruit if you probably tried it.

You play a child who somehow has fallen into the realm of demons trying to get home. Along the way you can either make friends with everyone ,  giving the game a happy tone or choose genocide killing everyone you meet. Meaning you’ll get 2 playthroughs out of it.

The music itself won major points with me. All the songs were great and never became annoying, which can sometimes happen with video game sound tracks. Furthermore, there are a lot of genuinely funny jokes, that make fun of the game itself in addition to wider video game tropes. It is easy to see why this game has somewhat of a cult following. Unfortunately this isn’t included in the steam sale but is still relatively cheap.

Civilization 5

The Civilization series is a titan and needs no introduction. Civilization has always eaten away at my previous free time. Even the shortest games can take hours to complete. I have particularly fond memories playing hot seat mode with a friend whilst i was supposed to be doing University work.

Overseeing the rise of your society gives an immense set of satisfaction. From the sticks and stones classical era to the high-tech endgame. Many victory types are possible, from domination, cultural , scientific , economic or even through diplomacy.

The DLC available certainly makes the game far superior to just the vanilla version and is pretty much mandatory. But this is a game that is constantly on sale for cheap somewhere and will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment on your old laptop. You can currently pick up civilization 5 and all it’s dlc in the steam sale for 92% off. Which is an incredible steal if strategy games are your thing.

River City Ransom Underground

This is actually a remake of an old beat em up game and it released this year. It has support to play with up to 4 friends too. It’s generally good if you want to drop in for some arcade style beat em up action.

There are numerous characters to play, some needing to be unlocked. Each has their own fighting style with new moves unlocked by finding a gym and buying new moves. You get cash through beating bad guys up. However, if you feel like being a menace you can also mug pedestrians and steal from parking meters ( Gasp) although this will bring police down on you so be careful.

The game isn’t particularly easy either, boss fights can be quite grueling. You will most likely die numerous times until you have leveled your character up as well.  after investing a lot of time into a character and unlocking moves it can feel like somewhat of a chore to do it with another character but seeing all their new moves was always satisfying. If some arcade style brawling sound up your alley pick it up for 50% off in the current steam sale.

Darkest Dungeon

The last game on this list is Darkest Dungeon.  It released in January last year and has only gone from strength to strength really. The crux of the game is that you control a group of adventurers on their quest to plunder, – yes you guessed it – Dungeons.

The horrors of the dungeons have  mental toll on your party as well as physical. Managing stress is central to the game. If your adventurers are too stressed they’ll gain quirks that usually negatively impact them. These can be removed, but will incapacitate your character and are costly. It is best to keep stress low via vices, such as sending them to the tavern or gambling. Preventative measures and that.

This leaves you having to juggle recruiting new party members and leveling up old ones. Which can get challenging but is all part of the games fun. Although some times it may feel like a sadistic sort of fun. Reminiscent of X com, your entire squad can be wiped out leaving you feeling hollow and frustrated. If you feel like punishing yourself, this is the game for you.

Again, steam comes to the rescue here. the base game for Darkest Dungeon can currently be picked up for 60% off. However, if you want the new DLC, Crimson Court, the ancestral edition, which includes the soundtrack and Crimson Court DLC can be picked up for 53% off.

That’s it!

So there you have it. All the games I’ve listed here have really low spec requirements, so any decent laptop should be capable of running them. In addition, with the steam summer sale being in full swing most of these games have at least 50% or more off making them even more of a steal. So treat your potato to some new games whilst you can!




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