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Excited for Shadow of War? Well I was!

After seeing the cinematic trailer of Shadow of War I was really excited for this game. But then I saw the game play videos and my excited dropped faster than Talon can behead an Orc.

The game play video shows Talon leading a siege on a fort with his Orc army. Recruiting and building another brainwashed Orc army just they the previous game (sigh). While it is awesome action don’t get me wrong with Orcs and Trolls fighting and even a dragon! Shadow of Mordor has great action but it lacked story among other things, with a generic revenge plot. When I watched the cinematic trailer of Shadow of War I thought this was something they had improved upon, and hopefully they have.

Now let me talk about the cinematic trailer and what I liked:

New characters

We see Talon encountering many enemies, allies and possibly both. Fighting the giant spider Shelob, meeting a giant plant woman possibly some sort of Goddess, encountering a witch or sorceress, clashing with a mighty Balrog and getting surrounded by the Nazgul.

My favourite is seeing those two Gondor soldiers the black man and a woman. Firstly I did not know black people even existed in Middle Earth. I’ve watched the Peter Jackson movies and did not see one black guy and yet here he is in this game. Where has he been hiding? Did black people go extinct before the war over the One ring?

Secondly a woman in the military? Now in the Return of the King you did have Eowyn goddaughter of King Theoden of Rohan. She fought in the battle of the Pelennor fields killing the Witch-King of Angmar Lord of the Nazgul, but she had to disguise as a male to fight. Although there was Lithariel from Shadow of Mordor.

You see I thought these two were going to be Captains in Talon’s new army, a human army to recruit and lead against Sauron’s army.

And finally this woman the Elf assassin Eltariel was sent  by Galadriel to hunt down the Nazgul and anyone else who has been corrupted by a Ring of Power. In the trailer she seems to rescue Talon but is she really an alley?

But the big question is are you excited for this game? Has my rant changed your opinion or reinforced the idea of getting this game? Because in the end I am still going to buy this video game and if you are a Lord of the Rings fan so should you