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Monster Hunter World: An Open World Monster Hunter and New Changes to the Franchise

One of the first trailers Sony revealed at their E3 2017 Press Conference was something completely unexpected. Monster Hunter World, a brand spanking new Monster Hunter game that changes a lot of aspects of the franchise in more ways than one. Although each game in the series features new monsters and little changes to the gameplay, Capcom has been releasing the same game over and over. There are never many complaints on this since new weapons and monsters change it up a little bit and the games are always addicting. If it’s not broken don’t fix it right? Well the trailer for Monster Hunter World reveals that there are A LOT of differences to get excited about while keeping the same formula. If you missed the trailer, here you go!

One thing you’ll notice that almost never changes is the graphics. Each game always has the same graphics, maybe upgraded slightly, but now it looks absolutely beautiful where they finally updated the graphics. The graphics are never a focus with these games but it definitely adds to it with this one. Not only the graphics, but the animations are different except of course the cooking animation shown at the end. The only thing absent with the cooking animation was the music which made me sad but who knows, maybe it will be back when the game releases or something. Anyway back to the animations. No longer do you have to wait to retrieve an item while your character digs around in the dirt. Now the animations are quicker as the character grabs an item and keeps moving. It looks exactly how the opening animations always looked with a hunter walking through scraping honey off of a hive as they continue moving. Capcom finally made Monster Hunter as it looks in the opening animations which is awesome! I always thought a Monster Hunter animated movie would be cool with how those openings always looked, but this is better, a lot better.
Although, the games always looked the same, they always brought something new that would change it up a bit even if it was just by a little. Monster Hunter Tri or 3 Ultimate has swimming and also introduced the Switch Axe which is an interesting weapon with the ability to switch between a quick moving sword and slow hard hitting axe. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has faster animations than the previous games with faster climbing and the new ability to mount enemies with the chance to knock them over. Monster Hunter 4 also brought in the Charge blade and Insect Glaive which also change up the gameplay. The reason I bring this up, is Monster Hunter World has brought in both the swimming and mounting from these previous games. I’m not sure if there will be Monsters that are found in the water, I assume there will be but for now we just know that swimming is a thing in this latest iteration of the series. Mounting is still the same, but there is the addition of the grappling hook which can reattach the player to the monster after getting knocked off. The grappling hook looks pretty crazy allowing the player to run away from the monster as well as pursue it.

One more thing to talk about besides these slight differences is the inclusion of something pretty massive. It is in fact the open world in this game. The trailer is stuctured where there are a lot of jump cuts to certain parts since the trailer would be a lot longer if it didn’t skip around, so I actually wasn’t sure if the game was open world. When looking at the 25 gameplay footage, the game is open world where there are no longer loading screens when switching between areas. I thought it might be weird since the previous titles depended on areas, knowing which area to go to for specific monsters. However, there are still areas as seen on a map but they operate differently with no more load times between them which does change how the game will play out. Monsters, when injured, would run to different areas but now you can follow them the whole way to their resting spot sneaking behind them. Before, you would need to wait a little to follow after because when entering an area they’re resting at, they would be sleeping and you could get some hits in or set up a trap. Anyway stealth is a pretty big mechanic here with the use of camouflage and going through tall grass. I’ve always wanted an open world Monster Hunter and thought I would have to wait for Dauntless to get that. If you don’t know, Dauntless is pretty much an Indie mmo type game inspired by Monster Hunter that is also Open World and apparently is going to be free so I suggest checking out that one when it comes out just so it doesn’t get overshadowed by Monster Hunter World. They both seem to be going the MMO route which I think is a good direction, Monster Hunter was always kind of an MMO with the way you would grind for items and so forth. I am excited to see what the other areas will look like because I know the game won’t be fully open world but more of places you select to go explore like a volcano area, desert, and all that good stuff. Who knows maybe it will all be connected, I kind of doubt that but maybe.

Monster Hunter World looks pretty fantastic so far and the new features make this look completely different from past Monster Hunter games which is a huge improvement on the Monster Hunter formula.