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Wolfenstein The New Order: Good ole Nazi killing.

Nazis in the gaming world have become over saturated over the years but ID software has shown us that Nazi killing is fun. Bloody good fun at that, Wolfenstein the new order shows us this. You play as Willam B.J Blazkowicz a true Nazi killing american in WW2 where the first mission goes smoothly for the most part. Until you get blown up and get some shrapnel shoved into your dome then sent off to the insane asylum.  “oh a Nazi killed poor defenseless patients and took my girl IT IS ON”. And so it began how B.J clumsily wrecked the Nazi regime. I’d go deeper into the story but for those who haven’t played the game I’ll stop right there as it is on of the best FPS stories to date.

Running and gunning has never felt so fucking good with the amounts of guns you get with alt firing. The game kicks things into gear right from the get go. One moment you are mowing Nazis down in trenches next you are on the moon firing lasers at SPACE NAZIS. The game jumps from one fun section to the next. Yet it slows down for stealth sections and those are just as fun if not more fun. The controls in this game are tight, fluid and responsive just overall is fun to control B.J. Shooting guns feels like you are actually duel wielding two assault rifles, pistol, laser guns and shotguns. As they have the right amount of recoil. Plus mowing down Nazis while duel wielding is like every gamers wet dream right?. I just get all tingly inside as I laugh manically while purging the Nazis from this earth.

This game is looks very pretty, the character look awesome, the guns look great. The environments look as if they have stories to tell. Wolfenstein has that feeling where just by looking at an area it has that “this place has seen some shit” Look to it. Which suits this game in both look and feel. Also the blood and gore looks gross as it should.

This game blown my mind in so many ways. Leaving me wanting more which makes me excited to play the new game which is why I played this in the first place. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan on shooters and also its not CoD so that makes me very happy.

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