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Titanfall 2 – What’s New in Today’s DLC


As a part of Titanfall 2’s free DLC program, today we receive our 6th update, titled after the remade map that comes with it, “War Games”.

Of the five maps added into TF2 post launch, only one has actually been a new map. The others are exact ports from the Xbox and PC exclusive Titanfall 1. But it doesn’t matter cause unlike the other three, this one is actually good !

Map: War Games – Pilots on the Frontier frequently use simulator pods to train, using life-like recreations of historical battles as combat scenarios. War Games highlights the civilian shops, tall buildings for window-to-window fighting, and city streets for Titan combat from the Battle of Angel City, and the large, open tank garage facilities for hand-to-hand Pilot combat from the Battle of Airbase Sierra. The outskirts of the map feature a clean, VR style perfect for Titan duels, while Pilots are often found running along the bright, interconnected wallrunning routes.

There’s also a new live fire map, “Traffic”, should you be interested in sweating out with the boys.

Live Fire Map: Traffic –A weathered test site where pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares. Dense cover makes every corner a threat, with room for snipers to hide in the back fields.

There’s a few other small things added with the update but probably the biggest of those things is the fact that you can now (or once again) hold a primary, secondary, and anti-titan weapon. Previously you had to choose between a secondary weapon or an anti-titan, and in the first game you could have all three.

This recent change may have to do with the fact that the fan favorite game mode, Froniter Defense, is returning to the game next month. Frontier Defense dropped in Titanfall 1 as a free update and is a player vs AI wave defense game mode, or some people call it, Fucking Awesome.

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