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Top 10 Steam Sale games under $5

1.       Age of Empires 2 HD $4.99

A great of generations past rereleased in HD with expansions recently released and continual updating. Join the fun in the classic RTS that was many players entry to the genre. As if this isn’t enough it has an active modding community through steam workshop so you aren’t limited when it comes to how you want to play the game.

2.       Portal 2 $1.99

If you haven’t already picked this up there is not a better time to get this than right now. With an extensive and entertaining single player campaign where Wheatley your witty sidekick will help you break out of the endless puzzles, as well as what could be a stand alone co-op campaign where screwing over a friend can be just as much fun as succeeding. Each individually worth the price plus custom maps are available as well, this is an easy buy.

3.       Life Is Strange $4.99

Coming in at just under $5 we have life is strange join Max on her journey of self discovery in a telltale esque story game with a twist see the outcome and rewind time to change the decision I found myself seeing immediate impacts of all possible decisions and usually going back to my original choice thinking that it’s optimal even though it usually wasn’t. this is a game that will vary in impact on the player, if you enjoy finding out about different characters why they are like the way they are this is the game for you.

4.       Outlast + Whistleblower DLC $2.99 + $1.99

Join Miles on his journalist investigation into an insane asylum that takes a turn for the worst from the very start, can you get to the centre of the Mount Massive Asylum to find it’s dark secrets. Outlast is a unique horror game for the pure survival factor done oh so right many games have tried to achieve this but Red Barrels have beat the bunch with Outlast, and if the story leaves you wanting more you can pick up the DLC for another couple of dollars and explore the Asylum as hell initially breaks loose on it

5.       Saints row the third $3.74

Ok picture a cross between Grand Theft Auto and the old Jak 3 open world and then make it a whole lot crazier you’ve got saints row 3. battle warring gangs and the government in this crazy open world sandbox following the saints takeover of the city or just have fun throw a chair at a gang member drive around in a variety of vehicles with your gang.

6.       Hotline Miami $2.49

A throwback to the 80s both in time and style this simplistic top down shooter-brawler has a very arcade action feel to it take out rooms full of enemies armed with guns and swords or wait for one to wander off patrolling alone to better your odds.

7.       Beat Hazard $2.99

Like music? Like Galaga? You need to play this. One of the best rhythm games ever you can point it to a folder of music and hit shuffle and just have a chill session blowing up enemy ships meteors while listening to bohemian rhapsody having the game speed up and slow down in time with the music. There is nothing like taking down the biggest enemies at the end of a bass drop.

8.       The Stanley Parable $3.74

Listen as the voice of Kevin Brighting guides you or at least attempts to as you join Stanley on this comedic adventure through his office in search of what has happened the story is the game so the less you know going in the more fun you will likely have

9.       Risk of rain $2.49

This Roguelite action platformer has you play as one of 12 characters each unique with their own attacks and playstyles. Not much story here just take out the bad guys as quick as you can, too slow and they will get more and more difficult, highly recommend playing this with at least 1 friend although it can be a bit tricky to get working it is a lot of fun and results in strategies and situations not possible alone


10.   Spelunky $2.24

This fun little arcade platformer mining game will leave you cursing wishing you hadn’t angered the shopkeeper with a shotgun who told ALL his friends that you killed him but the teleporter was too good to leave behind. Can you find your way through to the end of the mines?




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  1. Pretty good list, it’s good to know which high-quality games are available at such good prices. Now if only they made a Mac port of Spelunky…