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Dishonored, A Review: Part 2

I’ll be honest, I was really looking forward to Dishonored 2. I remember blocking all mentions of it before I bought it to try and avoid any and all spoilers. I absolutely loved Dishonored, and I couldn’t wait to play the anticipated sequel. However, and this might just be a personal thing, but I didn’t feel the same connection to Dishonored 2 as I felt with Dishonored.

The Plot

The game starts fifteen years after the murder of the empress and Corvo’s rescue of Emily. However, all is changed when witch Delilah Copperspoon stages a coup and names herself the rightful empress. Here, you can choose between playing as Corvo, like in Dishonored, or playing as Emily herself.

Whoever you pick, the other will be turned to stone and you will be forced to run to The Dreadful Whale, a ship owned by Meagan Foster. You will then sail to Karnaca, Corvo’s homeland, to try and take down those behind for the coup, eventually leading up to Copperspoon herself.

The Gameplay

I was pretty excited for this game, not only because you can play as Emily with new powers, but also because I was hoping for that same feeling I got from playing Dishonored. It’s true that the squeal is almost never as good as the original, but Dishonored 2 almost seems lacking.

There were some things that I liked, the lore into the mysterious Outsider was really cool. Also, Emily’s new powers, like void walk (similar to blink) and domino (connect two to three people; knock one out and they all get knocked out), but there just seemed to be something missing.

Meagan Foster is no Samuel Beechworth, and there is almost nobody like Granny Rags or Slackjaw. Maybe it’s because you are going down the dusty streets or Karnaca instead of the Victorian-esque cobblestone streets of Dunwall.

More Gameplay

Many of the missions to me did not feel as fun as the ones from Dishonored. In one to get to your target you can choose to help the Overseers, help the wannabe Bottle Street gang known as the Howlers, or stove a complicated logic puzzle.

To me I felt there wasn’t enough information about the Howlers. In Dishonored the Bottle Street gang was a clear presence, you even got to meet their leader during the House of Pleasure quest and see them again at the end of the Flooded District quest.

However, I didn’t really feel like dealing with gangs or Overseers, so I spent about two hours (with the help of my mom) to solve the riddle. Personally, I have always been a fan of riddles/puzzles and this one took some time. It was one of those puzzles where you had to match items, locations, and drinks to the person. However due to the way one line could be interpreted (“she” could have referred to the Lady in White or the woman from Dunwall) we spent some time on this riddle.

Besides the riddle, and being able to play as Emily, there wasn’t much else I liked about Dishonored 2. Some of the level’s were cool (Jindosh’s Mansion was pretty neat, I will admit that), and the new interactions you got with the Outsider were cool too, I didn’t really care for Dishonored 2.

Maybe it’s because it’s different from Dishonored (obviously) and my expectations were a little high. I will admit, I did like the game, but I will always like the first one over Dishonored 2.

Death of the Outsider

This is more just my thoughts, because there isn’t enough to make a different review, but let’s get into it.

I have always loved the Outsider as a character. Just some god-like figure from the void who gives random people powers just to see what they will do. Also, while he is prayed to, the Overseers have made him illegal, forcing everyone to worship in secret.

Now Daud, the assassin who killed the Empress way back in the first game, is back with Billie Lurk, [SPOILERS] AKA Meagan Foster, and this time they are setting out to kill the Outsider himself.

It is said that there will be “side contracts” you can take during the mission. As a usual Low-Chaos player, I hope these contracts aren’t just shooting/stabbing someone. However, I am ready to play this and excited to see how it all ends, and the new lore relating to the Outsider.

Part of me feels as if once they “kill” the Outsider, either Daud or Billie will become the “new” Outsider, as it was stated that the Outsider is like a representative of the Void. If they take him out, the void is probably going to want a new representative.


Dishonored 2 is a pretty okay game for a squeal, even though, in my opinion, it didn’t really live up to Dishonored. Death of the Outsider, looks pretty good and I’m excited to play it when it comes out. Even though it does have it’s faults, I would recommend playing Dishonored 2.

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  1. Great review, it’s really interesting to read a different perspective of this game that’s not just a 9/10 which was what most big game sites said.